When you glance your eyes down a cocktail menu are you aware of how each concoction is going to affect your mind and body, during and after sipping.


Neither was I.


My drink of choice had always been based on which flavour was most qualified to excite my tastebuds. But this selection method criteria rarely led me to the best overall experience. Sugar high & lows, jitters, headaches & unwarranted feelings of ravenous hunger can all be a part of the experience along with that initial delicious taste.


At MUZAI we choose ingredients that deliver great flavour but also provide functional benefits that can help improve the overall experience. We like to refer to this way of imbibing as 'mindful drinking'.

After a year of tedious experimentation in the MUZAI test kitchen, we discovered that when blending organic teas, kombucha acids and high quality botanical extracts you can create a cocktail mixer that delivers big on flavour and functional benefits.

Don't take our word for it, carry on reading to discover how each ingredient contributes to a more mindful cocktail experience.


Camellia Sinensis (tea), the plant responsible for the world’s favourite beverage. As a result of thousands of years of cultivation, tea boasts over 1500 unique and complex flavours.


Like alcohol, tea is popular not just for its taste but because of how its constituents affect our mind and body. Ever felt relaxed and revitalised after a cuppa? Well, there’s science behind that. Tea is rich in the amino acid L-theanine. Research has shown this chemical can help reduce stress and anxiety. Couple that with the mild caffeine lift tea provides and you can achieve a calm present focus. 

We’ve sampled hundreds of organic teas and herbal blends to find flavours that compliment the notes of popular spirits. All in order to make sure our teas deliver on both taste & functional benefits. 






Kombucha has taken the world by storm recently due to reported benefits from it's live bacteria. But during fermentation, Kombucha also produces beneficial organic acids that can make drinking a healthier experience. 

Acetic acid: 

Drinking alcohol can result in bad eating decisions. But don’t blame it all on your lack of drunken will power. Scientists have found ethanol effects neurons in the brain and reduces blood sugar levels which can both induce a feeling of hunger.


Here is where acetic acid can help. Research has shown this acid (abundant in booch) helps reduce blood sugar spikes and keeps you satiated for longer. Goodbye 3am kebab?


Glucuronic acid:

Naturally produced by the liver, this acid binds it’s self to toxins and removes them from the body. When drinking, your liver is hard at work trying to digest alcohol and won’t always produce enough of this detoxifying acid. Drinking booch can help top you up with glucuronic acid and lend a hand to your poor overworked liver.

Note: Our mixers are not alive.

Great cocktails are about the balance of flavour between sweetness, acidity and bitterness. To make sure our mixers remain balanced when you receive them we pasteurise our bottles to stop the Kombucha bacteria from fermenting and creating an overly acidic & unpleasant cocktail. We use kombucha for its acids not it's live bacteria. 


Sugar to cocktails is like salt to food. Without it, nothing pops. unfortunately, with many cocktails, you can reach your daily allowance (30g) with just two drinks alone, eeeeek! But don't worry every MUZAI mixer makes a light in sugar cocktail below 3.4%. We asked the question, 'does sugar reduction have to mean compromise on flavour?'

The answer is no.

The only compromise is on profits but we're ok with that. We remove half the sugar from our mixers and replace the sweetness with organic agave. 


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