The Cocktail that started it all

Tom Shellard Muzai founder

One night whilst drinking with friends in Tokyo, I was introduced to the concept of mixing healthy green teas into cocktails. That night I learnt an invaluable lesson, that a great cocktail doesn’t end with the taste buds; how you feel during and after is of equal importance. With the right ingredients, a cocktail can be a lot healthier & still delicious. 


My Japanese friends coined the experience of imbibing green tea cocktails...



meaning 'not guilty'  

After moving back to London I longed for that MUZAI drinking experience again but all I could find in bars were diet G&T's and soda water mixers and they weren't cutting the mustard. Knowing what was possible, I became obsessed in finding a solution that would allow anyone to create effortless bar quality cocktails with natural & beneficial ingredients. 

After 2 years of tedious experimentation, I landed on a winning formula; a delicious and functional blend of organic teas, kombucha, organic agave & premium botanicals extracts. Just shake with spirit or stir with soda or tonic and you can have your own MUZAI experience in seconds. 

I've developed three mindful cocktail mixers that allow you to create countless spirit-free and alcoholic cocktails. I can't wait for you to try the recipes and see your creations. 

Tom Shellard